The wines will be
served “blindly”.
At the end of each section
of the menu
the labels will be discovered.

Wine 1. 

1- Pear, leek and goat provolone empanada.

Comparative tasting. Wines 2 and 3 

2-Sealed prawns, red cabbage, radish pickles, grapes, coconut milk.  


3-Toasted zafran risotto, patagonic trout, apples and capers.  

Comparative tasting.  Wines 4,5 and 6 

4 – Roast lamb with thyme and red wine juice,

sun dried tomatoes and toasted almond couscous.


5- Cheese Tasting. 

6- Pre dessert. 


Wine 7. 

7- Spice cake, sealed peaches, sabayon ice cream.


The 7-course menu may vary without noticeWe work with seasonal products. If any attendee is vegetarian, celiac or has a food restriction, they must notify us at the time of booking so that we can make the necessary changes to adapt the menu.