Hi, I’m Santiago, owner and creator of Casa Coupage, a private wine tasting and pairing club in Buenos Aires since 2005.

Taste, a large percentage of which depends on smell, is perhaps the most personal and untransferable human experience. Wine is a noble beverage that reaches its best expression when shared.

That’s why we created an exclusive meeting point where a personal relationship with the wine can be developed, together with people who share the same passion

Casa Coupage Experience:

Learn about the breadth of Argentine wine with a sommelier as your guide. Casa Coupage is a unique space where you can discover & interpret wine paired with delicious argentinian modern food in a truly personal atmosphere.

Casa Coupage offers an haute-cuisine venue for Argentine as well as international patrons.

The concept itself is irresistibly delicious: dinner is held in a charming dining room of a late 19th century house. Seasonal first and main courses are each accompanied with a specially selected wine, allowing for both a comparative wine tasting and an optimal food pairing. The sommelier of the house guide the experience and provide background information regarding the specific terroir, variety of grape, and winemaker.

Dinner in steps with comparative tasting:

Guests will be greeted by the sommelier of the house with a refreshing glass of white wine as an opener.

Dinner will start off with a tasting of two wines. Together with these labels, guests will enjoy starters. The aim is to discover how the wines express themselves in different ways when paired with various dishes.

Afterwards, a comparative blind tasting of three distinguished red wines will provide the opportunity to discuss blends, varietals, styles and wine evolution. These wines will be paired with the main dish and the cheese tasting.

Finally, the last wine will be presented in accompaniment of dessert.

 Contact us: info@casacoupage.com

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