Taste, a large percentage of which depends on smell, is perhaps the most personal and untransferable human experience. 

Dinner in steps with comparative tasting:

Guests will be greeted by the sommelier of the house with a refreshing glass of Torrontés  wine as an opener.

Dinner will start off with a tasting of two white wines. Together with these labels, guests will enjoy starters. The aim is to discover how the wines express themselves in different ways when paired with various dishes.

Afterwards, a comparative blind tasting of two distinguished red wines, will provide the opportunity to discuss blends, varietals, styles and wine evolution. These wines will be paired with the main dish.

Before moving on to dessert, an  Argentine cheese will be served together with a late harvest wine selected specially to highlight the characteristics of the cheese.

Finally, the last wine will be presented in accompaniment of dessert.

Blind Tasting with finger food:

To begin the tasting, four pre-selected wines will be presented in a determined order. The labels will be tasted under the expert guide of the sommelier of Casa Coupage Room. The tasting will be carried out blindly aiming to free participants from any pre-conditioning they may have regarding the different grape varietals or specific wineries.

The goal is to generate a friendly conversation where guests will have a chance to learn about the Argentine wine industry as they dive deeper into techniques for wine tasting.

Conclusions on wines are never final if the wine is not expressed in the company of food. After the blind tasting, a dish will be served with different stimuli, preparations will play with different temperatures and textures, so that each wine taster can discover the different variations of the wines on their palate when they are combined with different flavors.

Upon closing of the event, we will serve a late harvest wine.

Before saying goodbye to our guests, we will provide information and technical details about the wines. the wineries and the geographical regions.

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